How Does The Interlock Kit Work?

Interlock Kit, Interlock Kit

Power is fed from the utility company into your panel. From here it is run across the different branch circuit breakers and out into the rest of your home. The Interlock kit allows you to safely disconnect your panel from the utility feed and switch it over to the generator which is being fed through a new generator breaker. The Interlock kit allows only one of these feed systems to be operational at the same time which prevents both sources from being connected together.

Without an interlock or a transfer switch there is always a chance that someone could forget to open the main breaker resulting in a danger of electrocution to linemen, destruction of your generator and fire. With this one connection you can now use anything in your home because all the circuits in your home can be activated through the breakers in your panel. It also eliminates running unsightly and potentially dangerous extension cords to various parts of your home and the need to plug and unplug appliances and lights.

interlock kit

How do I actually use it?

Interlock Kit, Interlock Kit

Once the InterLock kit is installed it is quick and easy to transfer power from utility to generator in case of a power outage. And it is just as easy to return once the utility power has been turned back on, just reverse the procedure below.

01  Turn main breaker to the “OFF” position.

02  Turn all branch circuits to the “OFF” position.

03  Slide Interlock plate up (down in some kits).

04  Connect and start generator.

05  Turn generator breaker to the “ON” position.

06  Turn on essential circuits one at a time.

Allow appliances to start before engaging next circuit


Interlock Kit, Interlock Kit

Large loads such as water heaters, microwaves, dryer etc may not all be able to run at the same time. Breakers themselves do not use power unless something in the room that they feed has been turned on so it is fine to have the breakers that feed all the bedrooms, living room etc. on so that you will have the power available for lights and such as you need them.

If you have gas, oil, or propane heat you can run your furnace or boiler and keep warm. However if you have electric heat most generators under 10000 watts will not have the capacity to run it. That is the same for central air as well. The Interlock kit will handle any size generator though so if you have an electric heat pump or want to run your air conditioning unit then you should consider a 12000-watt or 15000-watt generator.

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Interlock Kit, Interlock Kit