What is a Generator Interlock?

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Safety is an important part of our lives. Safety for you and safety for your investments, and there isn’t a much more important investment than your home. Our breaker panel Interlock kits (also referred to as a breaker lockout) allows you to connect your portable generator to your electrical system safely without danger of backfeed to utility power. With the generator feeding your home electrical system it eliminates the need to run extension cords into your home, which is both a fire and a safety hazard. Our kits are designed to be installed by Licensed Electricians and meet the strict requirements of the National Electrical Code and the National Fire Protection Code.

How Does The Interlock Kit Work?

Generators, Generators

Power is fed from the utility company into your panel. From here it is run across the different branch circuit breakers and out into the rest of your home. The Interlock kit allows you to safely disconnect your panel from the utility feed and switch it over to the generator which is being fed through a new generator breaker. The Interlock kit allows only one of these feed systems to be operational at the same time which prevents both sources from being connected together.</p><p>Without an interlock or a transfer switch there is always a chance that someone could forget to open the main breaker resulting in a danger of electrocution to linemen, destruction of your generator and fire. With this one connection you can now use anything in your home because all the circuits in your home can be activated through the breakers in your panel. It also eliminates running unsightly and potentially dangerous extension cords to various parts of your home and the need to plug and unplug appliances and lights.

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